St.  Anthony's  HISTORY   BY  DECADES  


1913 in History    Woodrow Wilson is President; the Federal Reserve System is organized; the Lincoln Highway becomes first auto road across the US; the 16th amendment is passed authorizing federal income tax; the Mexican revolution begins; Henry Ford institutes the first assembly line in his auto factory; the first crossword puzzle is printed in the New York World; Grand Central Terminal in NYC becomes the world’s largest train station; the Buffalo Head nickel is struck by the Philadelphia mint, replacing the erroneously dated Liberty Head nickel. (Making them extremely rare, only 5 Liberty Heads—dated 1913—were made in 1912.)


1913 at St. Anthony’s    St. Anthony School boasts an enrollment of 112 boys and 118 girls; Sacred Heart Academy is enjoying the 3-story addition built to connect the Sisters’ residence with the new building; Our Sunday Visitor is placed on sale for the first time; Fr. Kaul begins negotiations with the Redemptorist Fathers to purchase the estate of Thomas A. Willson in Ephrata, at the request of Willson’s widow, Clare. (In existence today, the Redemptorist Fathers do purchase the property and name the mansion St. Clement’s Mission House. Our Mother of Perpetual Help parish is located on the property today, still staffed by the Redemptorists.) In December of 1913, the first nativity scene is placed in the St. Anthony side chapel.

The Sacred Heart Academy


Parishioner and builder William Bentz (left) and St. Anthony assistant priest Fr. Denis Reardon are pictured at Willson Farm in Ephrata, PA, 1913.


1923 in History    President Warren G. Harding dies in office, and vice president Calvin Coolidge* assumes the office; the first Time magazine is printed in NYC; the Hollywood sign is built; Walt Disney Studios is founded in California; the “Roaring Twenties” are about to begin.


* In 1924, Coolidge was to host a National Rally of 100,000 members of the Holy Name Societies of the US in Washington, DC. Representatives from St. Anthony’s were there. The President gave them a heartfelt speech of approbation at the Washington Monument. It was estimated that 250,000 people were there to witness the event.


1923 at St. Anthony's    Fr. Kaul has been designated a Domestic Prelate, with the title of Monsignor, since 1919. Pope Benedict XV issued the decree. Assistant priests are Rev. John Weber, Rev. Roy Keffer and Rev. Denis Reardon. Sr. M. Stanislaus, CSC, sister of Msgr. Kaul, dies on May 6 at the age of 79, after 50 years of service to the parish and to Sacred Heart Academy. (Later, a shrine is built on the grounds of the Academy in honor of Sr. Stanislaus. It is modeled after the grotto at Lourdes.) The first girls’ basketball team is organized, coached by Edgar Musser. In May of 1923, St. Anthony’s is honored with a visit from Cardinal Von Faulhaber, Archbishop of Munich, who later stood against the Nazi government in World War II. The Cardinal and Bishop Philip McDevitt are guests at the rectory.


Lourdes Shrine at Sacred Heart Academy (May procession 1949). May Queen is Margaret Schreiner who is

Sr. M. Pius, CSC.










The 1923 St. Anthony's Girls' basketball team.

Front row: Frances Greenawalt, Elizabeth Resh, Cecilia Drachbar, Bernadette Reiner, Ruth Ream;

back row: Ava Huber, Coach Edgar Musser, Dorothy Miller, Anne Eichmann.



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