St.  Anthony's  HISTORY   BY  DECADES  

1993 in History    George H. W. Bush is President until January 20 when William H. Clinton is sworn in. President Bush and Russian Federation President Boris Yeltsin sign SALT (Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty) II; Janet Reno is the first woman Attorney General; the Holocaust Museum is dedicated in Washington, D.C.; by Executive Order the United States Air Force permits women to fly planes; NASA launches the spaceship Endeavor to repair the Hubble Space Telescope; a 51-day standoff with Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas results in numerous casualties; the great blizzard of 1993 strikes the eastern U.S.; Microsoft releases Windows 3.11.


1993 at St. Anthony's   Rev. Francis Collins, CSsR is pastor until July 11 when Rev. Charles McDonald, CSsR takes over. His assistants are Rev. Alfonse Olive and Rev. James Small; parishioners are enjoying artist Othmar Carli’s interior renovations to the church completed during the pastorship of Rev. Patrick Lynch, CSsR 1984–1990. Resurrection Catholic School is in its second year following the 1991 merger of St. Anthony’s, St. Joseph’s, and St. Mary’s schools; Fr. McDonald is formally installed as pastor on September 19. His message to the parish is this: “Holiness does not mean walking around with pious faces, eyes toward heaven. God made you a human being, not a holy card.” Members of the parish staff are asked to assist the pastor in contributing information to the church bulletin: music minister Sr. Jane Frances, CSC, CCD director Jean Brigham, and Deacon Bill Jordan; as dictated by the Diocese of Harrisburg the first Town Hall meeting is held in the school gym on November 21.


Rev. Patrick Lynch, CSsR with 1980's church renovations art director and artist Othmar Carli of York, PA. and his staff. Mr. Carli's daughter stands on the far right.


The church interior of present day showing the 1980's period renovations. Photo credit: Donald-Duck,



2003 in History    George W. Bush is President; on January 16, the space shuttle Columbia explodes after being launched killing all seven astronauts aboard; the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is instituted; the disarmament crisis causes problems with Iraq and a plan to invade the Persian Gulf ensues—war begins on March 20; on May 9 and 10, 393 tornadoes hit nineteen states; Dewey, the first cloned deer, is born at Texas A&M; Martha Stewart is indicted on federal securities fraud and obstruction of justice charges; on August 14 a power outage hits the Northeast USA and central Canada; Hurricane Isabel slams North Carolina on September 8; California governor Gray Davis is recalled from office and Arnold Schwarzenegger takes over as governor; the Staten Island Ferry crashes into a pier killing eleven people; Saddam Hussein is captured in Tikrit in Operation Red Dawn.


2003 at St. Anthony's   Rev. Patrick McGarrity, CSsR is the pastor, succeeding Fr. McDonald in 1999. His assistants are Rev. Thomas Loftus, CSsR and Rev. James Cascione, CSsR. A Parish Mission is held from March 23 to 27 conducted by Fr. Paul Bryan, CSsR, and Sr. Mary Sninsky, OSF; the Café d’Antonio Sweetheart Dance is held on March 15; the parish hosts musicians and singers from First United Methodist Church, Lancaster on March 18 introducing the Taize prayer service to the parish; the Finance Committee reports that the stewardship campaign resulted in achieving $1,640 over its goal of $100,000; a St. Anthony Family Newsletter insert is included monthly with the church bulletin, reporting births, deaths, baptisms, and weddings of parishioners; the “Living Stations of the Cross” is provided by the Catholic Youth Ministry on April 18. After 130 years of service, the Sisters of the Holy Cross are to move out of Lancaster on June 30. Following a Mass of tribute by Fr. McGarrity, a celebration to honor them is held in the school cafeteria on June 8. The ceremony in the cafeteria includes a slide show of the history of the Sisters, provided by this author/historian.



Rev. Charles McDonald, CSsR (left) turns over the St. Anthony of Padua pastorate to Rev. Patrick McGarrity (right) in 1999.



The Sisters of the Holy Cross last to serve in our parish (left to right): Sr. M. John Anthony,

Sr. M Pius, Sr. M. Miriam (Mary Eckenrode, deceased 2012), and Sr. M. Ada




2013 in History     Barack Obama takes office as President for his second term; Hillary Clinton resigns as Secretary of State and is replaced by Senator John Kerry; Pope Benedict XVI resigns becoming the first pope to do so since 1415; Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina is elected the 266th pope, taking the name of Francis. He becomes the first Jesuit pope and the first pope from the southern hemisphere. The Baltimore Ravens are victorious over the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl; US Airways and American Airlines merge to form the world’s largest air carrier; two explosions near the finish line of the Boston Marathon leave three people dead and 260 injured; Defense Distributed produces the first gun using a 3D printer; a gunman kills twelve and injures eight at Washington DC’s Naval Yard; the new $100 bill is released into circulation; US and Russia reach a deal with Syria on chemical weapons; American Edward Snowden discloses operations engaged by a US government mass surveillance program to news publication and flees the country to be granted temporary asylum in Russia; in Egypt, President Mohamed Morsi is deposed in a military coup; Prince George of Cambridge is born to Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and William, Duke of Cambridge and becomes third in line for the throne of England.


Rev. Daniel C. Mitzel


Bishop Joseph P. McFadden
2013 at St. Anthony's   Rev. Daniel C. Mitzel has filled the office of Pastor at St. Anthony of Padua Church since July 1, 2005 when the Redemptorist priests ended their 38-year mission in the parish (see 1973 at St. Anthony’s). Fr. Mitzel assumed the pastoral office following Fr. Patrick McGarrity, CSsR (see 2003 at St. Anthony’s). A dedicated group of parish volunteers dubbed the “Monday Night Workers” begin renovations and upgrades to the parish convent’s interior; the Resurrection Catholic School’s girls’ varsity basketball team won the Diocesan CYO championship. The parish and diocese are stunned by the unexpected death of Bishop Joseph P. McFadden (tenth bishop of the diocese of Harrisburg, 2010–2013) while attending a conference in Philadelphia, PA. The diocesan College of Consultors elected to entrust the care of the diocese to Very Reverend Robert M. Gillelan, Jr. during the period of sede vacante. Presenting her second concert in as many years to benefit the church’s organ maintenance fund, acclaimed international concert and recording organist Gail Archer performs at St. Anthony’s (see 1943 at St. Anthony’s). The Traditional Latin Mass group celebrates the fifth year of celebrating the Mass in Latin in the parish; transitional deacon Rev. Mr. Matthew R. Larlick joins the pastoral staff; the parish is host to the International Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima drawing many of the faithful to attend devotional services and visitations. Word of the death of Sr. Rose Alma, CSC (see 1973 at St. Anthony’s) is received; the preservation of the historic parish rectory is maintained with the replacement of the original 1896 tin roof.


The champion RCS Girls’ Varsity Basketball Team (reflect to 1923 at St. Anthony’s) pictured left to right: Coach Ramos, A. Cannon, R. Talbert, M. Laporte, S. Cosme, J. Talbert, A. Keck, H. Ramos, E. Albright, L. Fritz, L. Mills, C. Rivera, Coach Rife, F. Molina


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