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1964 in History    Following the assassination of John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963 Lyndon Baines Johnson is President; Republican Barry Goldwater announces his candidacy for the Presidency; President Johnson begins his “War on Poverty;” the Surgeon General, Luther Leonidas Terry, comes out against smoking for the first time; the Beatles’ first album, Introducing the Beatles, by Vee-Jay records, comes out on January 10; Hello, Dolly opens at the James Theatre in NYC; plans are announced to build New York Citys World Trade Center in lower Manhattan; on February 9 the Beatles appear on The Ed Sullivan Show; Muhammad Ali beats Sonny Liston for the Heavyweight Championship of the World (in less than 3 minutes); Jimmy Hoffa is convicted of jury tampering; Malcolm X secedes from the Nation of Islam; Jack Ruby is convicted of killing Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey Oswald; the show Jeopardy debuts, as the brainchild of Merv Griffin; the Ford Mustang is unveiled on April 17; on April 22 the New York World’s Fair opens; three civil rights workers are murdered in Mississippi by local law enforcement officers; Lyndon Johnson signs the Civil Rights Act of 1964 abolishing racial segregation; the Viet Nam conflict is underway with casualties of 1387 as of July 8; the movie Mary Poppins debuts; the Summer Olympics are held in Tokyo with the USA finishing first; Johnson beats Goldwater in the Presidential election; the television classic, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is presented for the first time on NBC.


Additional parking is provided when the school yard lawns are paved.



1964 at St. Anthony's   Pastor is Rev. Alphonse Marcincavage. His assistants are the Revs. Bernard Petrina and Raymond Orloski. With the demolition of Sacred Heart Academy in 1963 and in order to ease the parking problems at St. Anthony church, the lot across the street from the church is now graded, blacktopped, and made into a parking lot. At the same time, the area in front of the school is made into a parking area and now connects the lots on east and west sides of the building, which are also used for parking. On October 12, Sr. M. Justa, CSC, who has been a beloved music teacher and member of the faculty at Sacred Heart Academy for many years, is honored by the Holy Cross Alumnae of Sacred Heart Academy on the occasion of her Golden Jubilee. The celebration is held at Lancaster’s Hotel Brunswick. Fr. Marcincavage is a speaker at the banquet and reveals the contents of the Sacred Heart Academy cornerstone from the recently demolished building. Coins of the time, medals, a German newspaper, and an issue of the Lancaster newspaper The Evening Express (dated August 19, 1876) were found in the stone. An ad for the Academy was in that Lancaster paper. St. Anthony School continues to flourish and most of the 8th grade graduating class move on to Lancaster Catholic High School. (The members of the 8th grade class of 1964 continues to share a close bond to this day.)


The 1964 Golden Jubilee of Sr. Mary Justa, CSC is celebrated. Left and right of Sister are Mrs. Vincent Danz and Mrs. Leonard Autrey, respectively.


Members of the 1964 congregation of St. Anthony of Padua Church shown leaving Sunday Mass. Note that the original solid walnut doors are still in place at that time.


Members of the 1964 Eighth Grade Graduating class of St. Anthony of Padua school.



1974 in History    Richard M. Nixon is President (until August 9) and Gerald Ford is Vice President. The Watergate investigation begins; Nixon refuses to surrender 500 tapes and documents to the investigating committee; Patti Hearst is kidnapped by the Symbionese Liberation Army; on March 1 seven White House officials are indicted for their role in the Watergate break-ins; Hank Aaron breaks Babe Ruth’s home run record with his 715th run on April 9; on May 9 impeachment hearings begin against Nixon; on June 26 UPC codes are scanned for the first time in Troy, Ohio; Nixon resigns the Presidency on August 9 and Gerald Ford takes over as President. Ford pardons Nixon on September 8 to avoid more scandal in the US government.



Members of the Championship 1974 St. Anthony's Girls' Basketball on the court.


1974 at St. Anthony's Rev. Joseph Mc-Manus, CSsR is pastor. His assistants are the Revs. Vincent Crotty, John Travers, and John Duffy. (In 1967 Bishop Leech requested the Redemptorist order to take over the running of St. Anthony parish. Fr. Ronald Conners, Provincial of the Baltimore Province of the Redemptorists, sent three priests to Lancaster. Rev. Charles O’Leary was pastor assisted by Fr. Wallace Berrier and Fr. Paul Gillen.) Fr. Travers is very active with the youth groups of the parish and many of the slides he takes of their activities are to find a home in the archives of the parish. The Parish Council begins in January with James Rottmund as president and James Ruof as vice president; in March, Ann Wagner serves as the first woman lector; also in that month two girls from the parish, Pamela Lautsch and Rebecca Riley, become members of a championship basketball team as the Lancaster Catholic High School girls take the honors at the Farm Show Arena in Harrisburg on March 23; they defeat the “Highlanders” of Baldwin High School in Pittsburgh; William Mowery heads the St. Anthony’s Organ Fund and sends letters to parishioners asking for pledges to support the refurbishing of the organ which is badly in need of repairs; parish renewal groups are formed, with the guidance of the Redemptorist Fathers, to strengthen the faith of some and renew the commitment of other Catholics with meetings and faith sharing in various places throughout the parish. On December 15, in St. Anthony School cafeteria, the senior citizens of the parish are honored with a banquet and entertainment. Principal, Sister M. Rosalma CSC, is the organizer of the event helped by the elementary school children who have spent time decorating the cafeteria. The St. Anthony’s Youth Club handle the kitchen duties. 120 women and 32 men are present for the festivities.




Letter sent to parishioners soliciting donations for the 1974 refur-bishing of the ca. 1915 Gottfried organ that still leads us in songful worship today. The $25,000 1974 repair plan was the first since the instrument's installation in 1939. Again in need of "help," costs today far exceed the 1974 price tag.



Above: How groovey 1974 teens "chilled" before the next adventure.

Left: Teens join Fr. John Travers in real 1974 fun—the "Fun House."




1984 in History     Ronald Reagan is President and George H.W. Bush is Vice President. The US and the Vatican establish full diplomatic relations after a hiatus of 116 years; two space shuttles are launched this year—Challenger and Discovery; Apple chairman Steve Jobs and CEO John Sculley introduce the Macintosh computer; Michael Jackson wins 8 Grammys; on April 23, Mary Heckler of the US Public Health Service announces the identification of the HIV virus which causes AIDS; Prime Minister Indira Gandhi of India is assassinated by two Sikh members of her bodyguard; popular singer Karen Carpenter dies of anorexia nervosa; Democratic presidential nominee Walter Mondale chooses Geraldine Ferraro as his running mate; Reagan sweeps the Presidential election, winning every state except Minnesota (Mondale’s home state) and Washington, D.C.; Bishop Desmond Tutu of Africa wins the Nobel Peace Prize; Disney World, Florida, celebrates Donald Duck’s 50th birthday; the US Army awards 8612 medals for the 1983 Grenada campaign, even though there were never more than 7000 soldiers on the island.





1984 at St. Anthony's     Resident priests are Rev. Vincent Crotty and Rev. Charles McDonald, both of the CSsR congregation. In January, during Catholic Schools Week, the five Catholic schools in the area are honored in the Lancaster New Era. At this time St. Anthony School has 247 students and is staffed by three Sisters and nine lay teachers; principal is Sr. M. Joanella, CSC; assistant principal and mathematics teacher, Gloria Sweet, is honored for 15 years of service to the school during a teacher appreciation luncheon; 6th grade student Lori Redington wins a school composition contest for her essay on the theme of Catholic Schools Week; a healing Mass is held at St. Anthony Church on March 8 with celebrant Rev. Dennis Kelleher, CSsR; sixth grade student, David Schreck raises $227.97 in an event known as the Danny Thomas Marathon for St. Jude’s Hospital in Memphis, TN. Pledges are solicited for each math problem the students complete in a 200-problem booklet; David is also the 7th grade winner in a PTO-sponsored essay contest What Respect for Life Means to Me. Other winners are: Jenny Finger, 8th grade; Michael Rothan, 6th grade, and John Becker, 5th grade. (The essays are in the archives.) St. Anthony of Padua Parish is awarded the Monsignor Joseph Schmidt Award for Catholic Communications by the Harrisburg Diocesan Communications Commission. Bishop William Keeler presents the award to the heads of the publicity and media departments of the parish: Claire Van Cleve, Linda Greineder, and Ellen Mowery.


Essay contest winners of St. Anthony School are presented with autographed photos of 1984 president Ronald Reagan by US Representative Robert Walker (R, Lancaster County). Left to right are: Jenny Finger, David Schreck, Michael Rothan (today's Fr. Michael Rothan), and John Becker.
  Parish heads of publicity and media committees (left to right: Claire Van Cleve, Linda Greineder, and Ellen Mowery) receive the Msgr. Joseph Schmidt Award for Catholic Communications. Presenting are (far left) Bishop William Keeler and Msgr. Joseph Schmidt.


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